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More about the Doc

Meet the Doc 

Todd Personett,

Chiropractic Physician

Dr Todd is passionate about helping people live healthier lives.  He utilizes a range of treatments and therapies to ensure you get the best care and return to your active life as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Dr Todd is commited to operating his practice and treating patients with dignity and integrity.  His care for his patients is always guided by his commitment to serving Christ his saviour and brining honor to His name.  He strives to exceed expectations in the level of care and attention he provides for his patients



Dr Personett has been a member of the Chiropractic profession for 10 years.  He received his doctorate degree at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls New York.  He practiced for about four years in Pennsylvania before moving to Charlotte North Carolina.  Here he practiced Chiropractic part-time while he pursued additional training in neurodiagnostic medicine and ran a part-time business providing neurodiagnostic procedures.  He returned to full-time practice, incorporating his expanded clinical expertise, in 2013 at Back to Health Chiropractic.


Dr Personett is passionate about helping people live healthier lives through non-invasive, natural means like Chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise.  He is a rational, reasonable doctor who looks to work with the medical profession to improve the quality of care patients receive by educating MD's on the effectiveness and safety of conservative chiropractic care.  You will find him to be an honest candid doctor who works with you to determine an appropriate treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.  You can find out about becoming a new patient HERE


In addition to chiropractic manipulation (adjustments), Dr Personett uses soft tissue techniques and other rehabilitative techniques to improve the speed of recovery from pain and improve function and performance in the affected joints and muscles.  He focuses on exercise to promote health and stability in the spine and extremity joints as well as addressing nutritional concerns when appropriate.  Therapies are also used to support the healing process.  Dr Personett will work with anyone in pain, especially those with back and neck pain and sport/exercise related injuries.  With additional education and clinical background in neurology, he also focuses on management of neurological injury in the extremities that manifest with symptoms like numbness and tingling and weakness.  You don't have to be in pain.  Dr Personett has started the ACT program to promote injury and joint disease prevention through early detection and correction of underlying problems in the spine and joints of the body.  Check out the ACT program to learn more about how you can promote health and not just treat disease.