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Welcome to Back to Health Chiropractic!  We are an office committed to helping people take back their health!  This process starts with you, the patient, taking responsibility for your health.  You must take it back, we are here to help!  We provide the clinical expertise to guide you and promote your health with adjustments, soft tissue treatments, therapies, exercise prescription, and nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.  Ultimately though, you must decide to take back your health.  It starts with you.  It can start today.  IT STARTS HERE!


Symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, tightness, and stiffness are not normal.  They may be common, but they are not normal.  These symptoms are your body's indicators that there is something amiss.  That does not always mean you need treatment, but they should not be ignored, especially if they are not going away.  Of first importance is finding out what is wrong.  A comprehensive clinical exam to diagnose your problem and rule out more serious conditions is the first step.  Dr Personett takes a history of your complaints and then performs an orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic exam to determine the appropriateness of care and to direct treatment recommendations.  He is also a qualified electromyographer, which is a big word that means he is trained to diagnose nerve diseases and injuries.  This is a very specialized diagnostic test that is the medical "Gold Standard" for diagnosing nerve injuries and diseases and is available to you here at Back to Health Chiropractic if Dr Personett determines it is necessary.  


If you are a candidate for care, Dr Personett will work with you, with all his expertise and the tools at his disposal to walk you through the process of returning to health.  We are advocates of an active lifestyle and our treatment goal is not only to address your symptoms, but of equal importance, to get you back to living your life and doing the things you love!



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Welcome to B2H

Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of Back To Health Chiropractic office operations. To ensure your convenience, below is the information you need about our hours, location and appointment scheduling.

The practice is conveniently located in the McGregor Downs office building on the corner of Hwy. 51 and Johnston Rd.  

behind the First Citizen's Bank.



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