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ACT don't react

What is the ACT program?

Prevention through early detection

The ACT program is founded on the concept that often injury and pain result not from a single sudden trauma, but rather from a long sustained process of wearing out or breaking down under more subtle forces and stresses.


Our bodies are dynamic.  There are moving parts, parts that hold together and parts that generate force and tension.  Joints that do not move properly, muscles that are too tight, muscles that are too weak, muscles that are inhibited from working, as well as other functional and structural problems, can with time lead to pain and tissue injury even without trauma.


Typically we leave these various malfunctions of our bodies unaddressed until pain and tissue injury has occured.  An example is poor upper body posture combined with muscle imbalance and repetitive stress from use of the shoulder leading to bone spurs and eventual rotator cuff tearing.  We can react to bone spurs and rotator cuff tears with surgery OR we can strive to act first to prevent the bone spur from forming by removing the stress on the shoulder joint by addressing posture and correcting muscle imbalance through exercise and soft tissue therapies.  


There are no gaurantees in health.  Acting today does not mean that we will not still need to react to problems later.  However, it only makes good sense to strive today to act in ways that can reduce how much we must react to problems down the road.  Prevention through early detection of muscular imbalances and postrual stresses, maintenance of healthy joint movement, promotion of specific exercise for stability, and education on body sparing strategies to reduce the risk of injury are all ways we can ACT today to reduce the need to react later.


This program combines assessment and treatment of dysfunction of the soft tissues with chiropractic spinal adjustments to promote a more healthy body and hopefully reduce injury and pain.  


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